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Having spent most their lives pursuing the 'musical dream', Dan & Tara Fritz explored the stories of others who have done the same in the early episodes when the podcast was called Unsung Dreamers. They dove into the lives and stories of awesome people in the music scene & beyond in hopes to gain knowledge, inspiration and connection by giving them a platform.


Now, with a new vision, drive & goal for the podcast, Dan & Tara have switched gears renaming the podcast, and will continue conversations with great people, but also dive deeper into comedy and pop culture with the new title Unsung Screamers, taken from their weekly LIVE show they've been doing since early 2020.


MONDAY MORNING MEDICATION is Dan & Tara’s weekly take on pop culture & current events every releasing every Monday morning.


Don't forget to check out their weekly LIVE program, Unsung Screamers, where they tend to rant, discuss and even "argue" whatever topic comes to their minds!  Live on Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 7pm, Central time, US. All those LIVE videos are on our YouTube channel.

Explore, learn and enjoy!

Here ya go... Boot Studio Music "mini" Episodes:

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