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Eddie currently plays bass with the bands Fun House and Rags To Riches. He's been with his wife, Amy, for 33 years, and his son, Alex, plays bass for the band Mood Ring Circus.

He tells us all about getting into music because of his older brother making him learn to play bass, just so that he'd have a bandmate. And not too long after that, he got a lucky break to tour Europe on more than one occasion. If you've lived around Springfield for awhile now, then you'll enjoy some of the stories about the music scene from years ago. The venues, the players and tons of familiar names who used to make it happen around here, back in the day. 

You'll do yourself a huge favor to go see Fun House when you get the chance. They were our wedding band, and they were fantastic! Also check out Rags To Riches too! Let Eddie know that you heard of him right here on The Unsung Dreamers! Who knows... he might just buy you a shot! 

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