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Cindy Tucker of The Daisy Bandits, among several other projects that she's involved in on a constant revolving basis. Having had many struggles as a kid, Cindy found herself in Springfield, MO at a very young age...completely alone and trying to find her way. She's went on to finish high school, graduate college, and become a nurse, songwriter, singer, photographer and more! Her music is available on iTunes, Spotify and all those other digital music outlets as well. 

Cindy's story is one of triumph and overcoming. It's filled with the kind of hope that many of us need to keep fighting, keep swimming, keep believing in yourself and never stop! Her attitude and kind heart, along with her stories will be your medicine. She makes a beautiful analogy about turning a speck of dust into something beautiful, which she learned, as a child, living in the desert.

You'll do yourself a favor to go catch The Daisy Bandits sometime. And be looking for a brand new project coming up called simply, Breedlove and Tucker. Also, keep an eye out for the many art exhibits that Cindy hosts in downtown Springfield. If you get the chance to meet Cindy, tell her you heard of her right here on Unsung Dreamers... the musical journeys of the not-so-rich and famous! 

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