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Joe Dillstrom will get you thinking about life. He'll also almost help you understand algebra or at least entertain the thought of liking it. A Springfield born singer, songwriter and performer, Joe shares his stories of music and the connections that he's made to get where he's currently 'living' in his musical journey. We also talk about the things that he's doing to contribute to the local Springfield music scene and it's improvement.

He's extremely well read and well spoken. He has an interesting take on the relation behind literature, math and music and you'll be fascinated at how he molds them all together. 

Joe Dillstrom on the Unsung Dreamers. Go check out his facebook page, Springfield MO Gigs and Shows and catch one of his shows sometime. Oh, and go download his album "Revolving Doors!"

Tell him you heard of him here!



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Springfield MO Gigs 'n Shows

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