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Getting to know Deb Shelton is a fantastic way for ALL of us to learn more about the Sertoma organization, which we all should do. Through the mini biography of our guest, Debra Shelton, we can more effectively get behind the charitable events of a great organization that has been giving to our community for decades and decades!

Deb Shelton has been a wonderful and very supportive fan of the Springfield music scene ranging from bluegrass to metal and everything in between! Learning more about Deb and her story, is only the beginning of things that we as musicians can all do to show our appreciation of her ongoing and never ending support!

There's more we can do for Sertoma. The parties are fun. The music is great. The food is great. But, learning more about what it's all for, makes the experience even that much better. It will make the engagement even stronger. Hopefully, it even inspires us all to help more. Donate some time. Volunteer sometime. Give Deb Shelton some lovin' next time you see her! She's shy... so you might have to make the first move! Hahaha! 


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