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Frontman, singer, songwriter, extraordinaire, Justin Larkin of Mood Ring Circus, which is only the tip of the iceberg that is Justin's musical journey. He's got quite a story already in his young 27 years. And you'll be inspired to hear how it's all playing out so far. 

Justin has always been a bit of a free spirit, which he attributes most of his success. He considers himself constantly on the 'path' without allowing himself to set a resemblance of an ending. Having just recently released a new record with Mood Ring Circus, Justin is staying busy. Not only with the band... but performing solo, duo, or any other 'uo' that will have him! As well as being a member of and playing gigs with The C Street Band. 

You'll be doing yourself a favor to go catch a show that Justin Larkin is involved in.  Go say hi. He doesn't bite. He'll be happy to see you... and happy to know that you heard of him right here on Unsung Dreamers. 

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Justin Larkin Music
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Mood Ring Circus
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